Situational Analysis workshop for Snežnik

Following in the footsteps of the Situational analysis workshops for the component parts Grumsin, organised by the Angermünde City Administration and Krokar, organised by the Slovenia Forest Service, another workshop on 30th November targeted the Slovenian component part Snežnik, the forest reserve and its buffer zone. A group of local stakeholders, foresters, and the project team met in Ilirska Bistrica at the foot of the Snežnik mountain. In order to prepare consistent results for the project and future management of the area, the same approach and methodology were followed as with the situational analysis workshop in Kočevje for Krokar component part, as well as in Angermünde for Grumsin. Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation method was used to collect the opinions about what has already been done well and where the improvements should focus. Additionally, a number of human well being and ecosystem services targets were identified, as well as influences on them and their contributing factors.

The collection of different opinions and views will be of considerable importance for the state preparing the draft Decree on establishment of nature reserve in the area and for any future management of the component part. The workshop results therefore build the foundation for the fruitful cooperation between nature conservationists and local communities in the future.