Situational analysis workshop in Angermünde

Between 4th-5th November 2019 the Angermünde City Administration organised a workshop focusing on the situation analysis of the World Heritage component part “Grumsin”.

The workshop was open to a broad audience. The first day specifically engaged people who are professionally involved in the Grumsin component part. Moreover, evening discussions allowed a lot of interested people to attend, including various public administrations, NGOs, interested citizens, several project partners and two BEECH POWER IVY volunteers. In total, the workshop brought together about 45 participants.

During the workshops the participants were introduced to the BEECH POWER project and worked on an analysis of the current situation considering the following elements:

  • What is influencing the World Heritage beech forest Grumsin as an ecosystem?
  • What is influencing the surrounding buffering broadleaved mixed forests and the landscape context?
  • What benefits does society or specific stakeholders get from the World Heritage Beech forest?
  • Which activities and strategies are already implemented or in preparation?

The workshop methodology followed the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation that is further applied by the Slovenia Forest Service and Paklenica National Park in local situation analysis workshops, in order to foster valuable knowledge exchange between partners during the project duration.

The workshop included a field trip to the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin, home of the Grumsin component part, which was guided by Martin Flade, the head of the Biosphere Reserve. Participants could get an impression about the natural processes in the core zone of the World Heritage component part as well as the research activities conducted by the Biosphere Reserve focusing on natural forest dynamics and related species. Further the field trip provided an informal setting to discuss the actual situation related to accessibility, forest management in the buffer zone, visitor management underlined by observations during the study trip.

All in all, the workshop and excursion proved to be highly valuable to exchange information between various stakeholders and to bring together different perspectives to discuss aspects relevant to each attendee. The event received a very positive feedback and further interest from the participants.