Whispering of the trees

On the first November week of 2019, various events were organised within BEECH POWER project under the umbrella of forests. Two enthusiastic IVY volunteers organised Citizen Engagement Activities, both of which took place in Eberswalde.

The first small gathering to engage and involve citizens was organised as a two-day event. It focused not only on raising awareness about the BEECH POWER project and the European Cohesion policy and took participants into the forest for a unique workshop, where all senses were triggered.

On the first evening an introduction event took place at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. There, we talked and discussed about the EU Cohesion Policy and its impacts for the region. Furthermore, the BEECH POWER project was presented to the participants. Bringing together representatives of project and students enabled to share the objectives of the project and raise the awareness for how important players local communities are in protecting natural heritage.

Furthermore, a short movie about the meaning of Wilderness for humans was screened. During the evening, participants enjoyed interesting talks over a pot of homemade chili con/sin carne.

The next day was dedicated to a workshop on experiencing the forest with all senses. Opening all their senses (smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight) participants went deep into the forest to collect words and impressions. The forest experience inspired participants to put their impressions on paper: poems on the experience enabled by the live forest. Sharing the finished poems with each other provided a special closing atmosphere for the event, where everybody realised how such a personal nature experience can easily be a community experience at the same time.

The event was funded through the Citizens Engagement Activity Fund, under the framework of Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative.